small penis phone mistress

small penis phone mistress

"You Call THAT Little Tink A Cock?"

Small Penis Phone Mistress
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Every man LIES about his cock size. Why? Because deep down they ALL know they have a little cock and that women are going to be LAUGHING at their little "man carrots" once they pull them out! Don't believe me, girls? Just pull out a RULER next time your man drops his pants and WATCH how fast he starts stammering and making EXCUSES for having a small penis - it's classic!


Live Small Penis Phone Mistress Humiliation
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But did you know that some fucking small penis losers actually GET OFF on little cock humiliation and even pay for the thrill of being EXPOSED and PUNISHED for being worthless to women? It's TRUE! But that's not the thing, there are also WOMEN like ME who get off humiliating a man for his laughably sub-standard genital size, and being a small penis Mistress I can tell you is a fucking BLAST!

Men Pay Me To Be Humiliated About Their Tiny Dicks

Yep! They know that a beautiful woman can pick and choose the BEST and BIGGEST males around (usually black) and that their tiny little dicks would only make us giggle and roll our eyes in disgust, so what can they do? The BEST they can hope for is that a deliciously cruel bitch will take HER pleasure with them by making them expose and play with their little cocks for her amusement. And of course a bitchy small penis Mistress like me REALLY makes them suffer for being such a disappointment to women! LOL!

Small Penis Humiliation Mistress Telephone Domination

If you have a small penis and want to SUFFER under my thumb (and ruler) then you fucking better have a BIG credit card and be ready to USE IT! You already have a little cock, so don't embarrass yourself anymore by being a fucking broke dead-beat loser - and you had better be ready to PULL THAT LITTLE COCK FOR ME!

Your Small Penis Mistress NEEDS A Good Laugh!
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