sissy phone mistress

sissy phone mistress

"Are You In Your PANTIES For Mistress?"

Sissy Phone Mistress
Call 1-888-567-4779 NOW!

Deep inside every man is a naughty little girl just waiting to come out, right? And be honest, the thought of being feminized into a sweet obedient cock sucking sissy male maid IS what you desire, correct?

No? Well, maybe after some forced feminization by your sissy phone Mistress you'll be singing a different tune, bitch.

And I DO LOVE feminizing submissive males into sisses!

Live Sissy Phone Mistress Feminization
Call 1-888-567-4779 NOW!

I know that you think your friends would all LAUGH at you if they only knew you're AROUSED by the thought of dressing up in pretty little panties, stiletto heels and sexy female clothing, then being forced to SUCK cock and clean house by a beautiful bitch Mistress - and they'd be RIGHT! You're not fit to be a REAL man so Mistress is going to turn you into her sweet little sissy male maid and set you to work in her stable of feminized males! Sound like fun?

Don't cry, Mistress will SISSY TRAIN you in the proper fashion!

Forced Feminization At It's Best

You say you'd NEVER allow a woman to dominate you by FORCING you to dress as a sissy? And that'd you'd NEVER suck another man's cock while dressed as his pretty little male maid? THINK AGAIN, LOVER! My will is stronger than yours and I will FORCE you to be a sissy for my pleasure! Shit, I might even pimp your little virgin sissy ass out to other men on a nightly basis just so you can bring home some money and be useful to ME!

Feminizing Sissy Mistress Telephone Domination

I don't take sniveling creeps and broke losers, so you better have a credit care and be prepared to USE it if I'm going to grant you the intense PLEASURE and HONOR of being feminized into my sissy male maid, so be warned. Mistress is STRICT and CRUEL to her sissies! - So DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!

Your Sissy Phone Mistress WILL Feminize You!
Call 1-888-567-4779 NOW!

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