mommy phone mistress

mommy phone mistress

"Mommy Is Going To PUNISH You!"

Mommy Phone Mistress

Every boy knows that the REAL boss of the house is mommy and woe be to anybody who dares cross her! And being a mother I know that sometimes a little bit of punishment and yes, stinging sexual humiliation is needed to keep a bad boy in line. It's the way of the world and always has been. Mother is in control.

And I LOVE being a cruel Mommy Mistress!

Live Mommy Phone Mistress Femdom

Have you ever had mommy pull your pants down and SPANK your blushing bare bottom until you cried and said "I'm sorry, mommy"? Or did she ever catch you masturbating and PUNISH you for it? Maybe you got caught sniffing her dirty panties, hmmm? But did she ever make you dress up like a little sissy girl and do things with OTHER boys while she watched?

Every Boy Has A Mother Fetish

Don't lie, mommy knows you've been VERY bad and secretly want her to take your pants down and PUNISH you for it, all boys do. And having a mommy Mistress in the house just takes things to a whole NEW level of intense sexual desire and DOMINATION. Mother does indeed know best, and you better get used to the fact that SHE is in control!

But mommy will let you GET OFF if you're a GOOD boy and make her happy!

Taboo Mommy Mistress Telephone Domination

If Mommy is going to give you the XXX attention and PUNISHMENT you need, you're going to have to show her you're a good boy and get out your credit card. Mother knows you've been bad and have VERY naughty secret taboo and forbidden mommy sexual fantasies, but she wants to see you're SERIOUS about exploring them with her - So DON'T DISAPPOINT MOMMY!

Your Mommy Phone Mistress WILL Make You CUM!

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