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my phone mistress

"Good boy, you're calling again!"

My Phone Mistress

Are you ready to serve, honor and OBEY your phone sex Mistress? Do you need me to humiliate and punish you for your sins? Sexual domination and role play is what me and my Mistresses specialize in and we're FUCKING STRICT! Forget about some namby-pamby bullshit "Phone Mistress" who sits there reading off a card about what's she's going to make you do - we LIVE the femdom lifestyle and making men do what WE want is OUR PASSION!

Best Phone Sex Mistress Phone Numbers

Now, just so you know - we're not cheap! Domination and sexual humiliation is something we take VERY seriously and we're the FUCKING BEST! So if you're looking to stroke your little cock for a minute and sissy bitch about our rates, then our femdom phone sex numbers are NOT for you.

Sound bitchy? GOOD!

Obey BDSM Phone Sex Number - 1-877-495-4659 - Dominant women demand odedience!
CBT Mistress Phone Sex Number - 1-877-495-4659 - I'm going to make you suffer!
Foot Mistress Phone Sex Number - 1-877-495-4659 - Come worship at our divine feet
Mommy Mistress Phone Sex Number - 1-888-755-3878 - Mother will correct you properly
Sissy Training Phone Sex Number - 1-888-755-3878 - Forced feminization for bitches!
Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Number - 1-877-495-4659 - Quit lying, it's really small, right?

Telephone Domination

my phone mistress teaches obedience” title=

"You Will Obey Me!"

We LOVE making some male do our perverted bidding and NEVER miss a chance to make him SQUIRM! Like female led relationships? GOOD! Maybe we'll torture your cock and balls for shits and giggles, or feminize you into a sissy male maid ready to suck cock and get pimped out to our gay male friends - and of course like most men, you probably lie about your cock size and have a pathetic little penis that needs some stinging small penis humiliation to keep you in your place - under A REAL BITCH'S THUMB!

"The last male I topped couldn't stop jerking off for hours after we spoke. I told him if he did it again without me listening he was going to SUFFER!"

Call And Obey Your Mistress!

Okay, if you're read this far you know what we offer and what YOU need - the scorching female domination and intense sexual humiliation that only a REAL phone Mistress can dish out - SO QUIT FUCKING AROUND AND CALL NOW!

Just don't be a baby and fucking cry when we make you OUR BITCH!

What Are You Waiting For, Slave? CALL YOUR PHONE MISTRESS!

femdom phone sex numbers and picture

Femdom BDSM - 1-877-495-4659

Sissy Training - 1-888-755-3878

Cuckold Fantasies - 1-888-847-9023

Small Penis Humiliation - 1-877-525-6963

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